Level Funded Program

4 Reasons Grocers Choose SMB

Employee Benefits Tailored to Your Grocery Business & Workforce

Level Funded Program

Attract Top Talent · Comply With ACA · Manage Benefits Expenses

The Challenge

Attracting Top Talent • Rising Costs

For Companies of all sizes,  quality benefits are a “must have” to attract and keep top talent. The sharp rise in health insurance costs and the decrease in health coverage options as larger insurers drop out of the public health insurance exchange due to enormous financial losses compound the challenge.

Tough Choices

Large, medium and small businesses like you face tough choices in the fight to stay profitable:

  • Drastically reduce benefits
  • Cut salaries
  • Downsize the workforce

The Opportunity

Attractive Employee Benefits

If you want a better way to manage your employee health benefits investment, SMB Benefits Advisors offers a good option.

Lessens Administrative Burden

The SMB Benefits Advisors Level-Funded Employee Health Benefits Program is designed for companies who want to more effectively manage the cost of health benefits they provide to their employees and its potential negative impact on cash flow.

Protects Cash Flow

The SMB Benefits Advisors Level-Funded Program helps companies with 5 or more employees that want to avoid the risks and administrative costs of self-insuring. For example, this level-funded program protects your business against large, unexpected claims that can negatively impact cash flow with “Excess Stop-Loss Coverage.”

For more information on the SMB Benefits Advisors Level Funded Program, contact Chris Cooley at 877-946-7637.