4 Reasons Grocers Choose SMB

4 Reasons Grocers Choose SMB

Employee Benefits Tailored to Your Grocery Business & Workforce

4 Reasons Grocers Choose SMB

Attract Top Talent · Comply With ACA · Manage Benefits Expenses

Choose the RIGHT Healthcare Benefits Plan

4 Reasons to Choose Us

Ways to Reduce Costs

The Grocer's Level-Funded Program

Make the Most of Your Benefits Investment

Retirement Plans


Focused on Grocers

Grocers face increasing competition for top talent and risk from labor laws. SMB Benefits Advisors helps them with a simpler, more personalized approach to employee benefits and other HR management challenges.


Affordable Benefits from Top Providers

*Our licensed representatives in a number of states can help you choose the right plan. We work with many quality carriers including Guardian, United Health Care, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, AFLAC, and many others.


Unique Benefits Advisor Approach

SMB's service features a Personal Employee Benefits Concierge - a real person, who understands business, HR compliance and healthcare regulations - and who is qualified to help you evaluate, select and manage a plan to meet your objectives.


HR Solutions

SMB can also help you with COBRA and ACA compliance plus other HR challenges.

We partner with MyHRConcierge, our sister company, to deliver these tested HR solutions.