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Why Snake Through Pages of COBRA Regulations?

Federal and state regulations allow health plan participants the opportunity for a temporary extension of health coverage at group rates in certain instances where coverage would otherwise end and must follow federal COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1085) regulations.

MyCOBRA Ensures 100% compliance.

Our teams have the experience to recognize these intricacies in the federal regulations and provide understandable, precise support. Our in-house Compliance team monitors continuation regulations and complex situations they create to lift the weight from our client's shoulders.

More Reasons to Chose MyCOBRA

MyCOBRA minimizes potential liability for employers. MyCOBRA also reduces business overhead, helps to streamline HR administration, freeing the employer's staff from having to meet COBRA deadlines and monitor ongoing COBRA compliance changes. In addition to responsive employer and participants support teams, MyCOBRA offers:

  • Smooth takeover of existing contingents
  • COBRA compliant notices
  • Communication with insurance carriers
  • Compliance monitoring

Easy, Secure Administration

Our clients and their participants count on us to help them make the most of their benefits. One of the ways we do this is with an easy, secure online experience. Here’s a look at what the employer’s COBRA Administrator and plan participants can do online through our secure MyCOBRA web portals:

The Employer Web Portal

The Employee Web Portal

The COBRA Administrator Can

The COBRA Participant Can

  • View data in real time
  • View participants who are Pending, Enrolled, on Disability Extension or Terminated
  • Add new Qualified Beneficiaries (Qbs) and New Plan Members (NPM)
  • Add QB adn NPM instantly updates data with no additional paperwork needed
  • Customize frequently used information and views through the "favorite" tab
  • View all generated letters per participant
  • Review which letters were sent and the date on which they were sent
  • Access a wide range of reports including Member Status Reports and Paid Through Reports
  • Make COBRA elections online
  • Make online payments via debit or credit card
  • View detailed payment information including last payment received and next payment due date
  • Review enrolled plans and any critical dates such as Last Day of COBRA coverage
  • Print copies of all communications received

Complex Benefit Plan Management

Our MyCOBRA administration platform has been engineered to manage the more complex benefit plans employers demand. It receives data directly from insurance carriers and provides a full-featured web experience for employers and their participants.

Direct Carrier Integration

We work with employer's insurance carriers when individuals elect continuation coverage and make the initial premium payment.

We also provide enrollment and termination information to the insurance carrier so each COBRA participant's coverage is reinstated or terminated as needed.

Tax-Advantaged Plan Design & Support

Our experts can help you design and support a tax-advantaged, compliant COBRA plan. Come to us with questions and you'll receive concrete answers.

To learn more, contact SMB Benefits Advisors at 877-946-7637 or ccooley@smbba.com.