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ACA Compliance Management

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Affordable Care Act Compliance Management

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Many employers are scrambling to understand and meet the IRS reporting requirements under the healthcare law's Employer Mandate. Companies with variable wage and seasonal employees are particularly vulnerable. 

Employers who don't comply risk steep IRS penalties that can run upwards of $2,000 per Full Time Employee (FTE). To accurately file the required forms, businesses face the time consuming tasks that include running complex monthly calculations using detailed benefits and human resources information.

Many businesses have been shocked to find their payroll application does not capture all of the required data.

Now there is an affordable solution that works for small and medium businesses. Through our sister company MyHRConcierge, SMB Benefits Advisors Employer Mandate Compliance Management Package addresses your needs with 5 key resources:

  1. Decision Support Experts
  2. SimplyComply Online Tool
  3. Employer Mandate Hotline Experts
  4. SMB Customer-Focuses Approach
  5. Optional Employer Mandate Services

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